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Delta Region AIDS Education Training Center (part of the national AETC), LSU Health Sciences Center (New Orleans,) and the HIV Outpatient Clinic in New Orleans have launched this site to provide people with HIV, their friends and family an easy-to-access and user friendly site with clear, accurate, and up-to-date information about HIV care.  Information is power.  Persons with HIV respond to therapy much more vigorously if they are well educated about the disease and its treatments.
Although certain links may not yet work, there is a growing library of treatment and drug information available below.  If you would like to print out the information, most pages have a Portable Document Format (PDF) link at the bottom which is easy to download and print using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.  Links in this site are usually in purple color.

HIV Treatment Information
Click HERE for Most of the Site Information In PDF Format for easy downloading and printing
Glossary: Terms and Words Used to Describe HIV Infection, Complications, Treatments, and Side Effects
General Information about HIV and Its Effects on the Human Body
Information about HIV Transmission and Ways to Prevent It
HIV Transmission and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Prevention for Persons Infected with HIV
General HIV Treatment Information including Combining Drugs Together
General Adherence Information: taking every dose of every medicine every day
Interpretation of Blood and Lab Tests
Managing Symptoms and Side Effects
Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with your Healthcare Provider
Use of Testosterone, Anabolic Steroids, and Growth Hormone
[coming soon]
Investigational Treatments for HIV
Quackery for HIV (useless and/or dangerous treatments for HIV)
Nutrition Basics [coming soon]
Pain Control Basics [coming soon]
Addiction including Alcoholism plus Harm Reduction Information [coming soon]
Staph Infections including Folliculitis, Furuncles, and Carbuncles (boils) [updated]
Hepatitis Due to Viruses (A, B & C), Drugs, and Alcohol [coming soon]
Vaccinations Recommended for Persons with HIV (as well as their family members)

Tuberculosis (TB) and TB Skin Testing
[coming soon]
A Discussion of Opportunistic Infections
Information About Palliative & End-of-Life Care [coming soon]
Medications Used To Treat HIV Infection 
NRTIs - nucleoside RT inhibitors
NNRTIs - non-nucleoside RT inhibitors
PIs - Protease Inhibitors
Zidovudine - Retrovir - AZT
Didanosine - Videx - Videx EC - ddI
Zalcitabine - Hivid - ddC
Abacavir - Ziagen
Stavudine - Zerit - d4T
Lamivudine - Epivir - 3TC
Emtricitabine - Emtriva - FTC

Tenofovir - Viread - TDF
Nevirapine - Viramune
Efavirenz - Sustiva
Delavirdine - Rescriptor
Nelfinavir - Viracept
Saquinavir - Fortovase or Invirase
Indinavir - Crixivan
Ritonavir - Norvir
Atazanavir - Reyataz
Fosamprenavir - Lexiva
Amprenavir - Agenerase
Lopinavir + ritonavir - Kaletra
Combination NRTIs/Nukes
Fusion Inhibitors
Enfuvirtide - Fuzeon - T-20
Other Medications Used Commonly By Persons With HIV Infection or AIDS
Sulfamethoxazole / trimethoprim - Bactrim or Septra or generic
Fluconazole - Diflucan
Azithromycin - Zithromax
Clarithromycin - Biaxin
Rifabutin - Mycobutin
Atovaquone - Mepron [coming soon]
Erythropoietin - Procrit & Epogen [coming soon]
Granulocyte colony stimulating factor - G-CSF - Neupogen [coming soon]
Acyclovir - Zovirax or generic [coming soon]
Testosterone - Androgel or Testoderm or Androderm [coming soon]
Hepatitis Treatments: interferon (Pegasys), ribavirin, adefovir (Hepsera), lamivudine, tenofovir [coming soon]

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